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We provide commercial catering businesses with extraction equipment and furniture to ensure compliance with the law and create comfortable and professional working environments.

We have a full manufacturing facility in the West Midlands where we design, build and supply all of our products.

Our canopies are built to order by our experienced engineers and many other components are sourced globally to help maintain our competitive prices.

We cater for all eventualities, from small occasional use kitchens to large busy restaurant chains.

We’re always happy to advise on the best solutions and our extensive knowledge helps us to get things right, first time, which saves us all time and money in the long run. We pride ourselves on giving the best customer service.


Commercial Ventilation Services Ltd was set up in 2006 and concentrated primarily on manufacturing stainless steel kitchen canopies for commercial applications. With steady growth, we developed our product range to cater for the demands of our growing loyal customer base.

We have manufactured and supplied countless extract systems. From a single kitchen canopy to complete extract systems for some of the biggest restaurants in the country.

We strive to make the best quality products whilst keeping costs as low as possible. Our experience and efficiency are reflected in our prices.